1.5.0 Update - Hex Grids

The Hex Grid update is out now! Find it in the background style panel.

Here's what else has changed:

  • Added hex grid - select it from the background layer style panel
  • Fixed issue with ‘3’ setting in hatch parameters
  • Changed units of path brush, maze generator to be in grid coords
  • Improved maze generation speed
  • Walls tool behaves like the stairs/doors tool by default - it will draw everywhere. Toggle this behaviour in the brush settings menu if you prefer the old way.
  • Fixed UI issue when clicking then dragging with the poly brush
  • Fixed image layer clipping issue when importing save files


dungeon-scrawl-browser.zip Play in browser
Version 13 Jul 22, 2020


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How about a way to make curved and organic stairs?  That way you can have stairs along cliff lines or that wrap around a tower.

Hey, awesome stuff! Unfortunately, my country banned itch.io (mistake, but not fixed yet). Is there a downloadable version?

There is one in the works, but it's not ready yet

This is great! Thanks!
Quick one, is there a way to rotate the hex background grid 90 degrees?