Dungeon Scrawl 1.3.0 Update

Dungeon Scrawl 1.3.0 is out! It comes with many new features:

- Invert Hatching for easy above-ground structure creation
- Save Presets
- Image tiling
- Image layer clipping to dungeon layer
- Stair tool now works in draw mode
- Stair tool has a toggle for isometric mode
- New boolean solver - if you encounter weird polygon bugs, try a different solver from the edit menu
- Uploaded more assets from DaeDae, ElvenTower, and 2 minute tabletop
- Various minor bugfixes

Most of this is self explanatory, but:

Polygon boolean solver - this is found under the edit menu. There are now two solver choices - Martinez (default) is fast but can create those weird polygon bugs. Polybool is slow but more robust. You can mix + match, so if you come across a weird polygon bug (especially on larger maps), ctrl+z, change the solver, and retry.

Save Presets: Found under the presets menu, these load an example project to get started quick, and teach some common layer combinations.


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