Dungeon Scrawl 1.4.0 Update

This update focusses on image handling, and comes with a new 2 minute tabletop asset pack 'Castle Walls' to show off the new features!

Shortlist: Image groups, image stamp tool, image snapping, box-select images.

- New 'Castle Walls' asset pack by 2 minute tabletop - Image Stamp tool - Press 'r' to rotate and 't' to scale before placing an image. You can also rotate with the arrow keys.
- Nudge a selected image by holding shift and pressing the arrow keys
- Image snapping - for an image with non-grid dimensions, its centre point snaps to the grid
- Hold Alt (or Option on Mac) to temporarily toggle snapping
- Select multiple images at once by drawing a box on an image layer
- Group and ungroup selected images by pressing 'g'
- Press 'r' to rotate and 't' to scale a selection before pasting on dungeon layers. You can also rotate with the arrow keys.
- Uploads image library is populated when loading a savefile
- Press Ctrl+Z when using the path or polygon tool to undo the last node
- Use paste in erase mode to subtract the clipboard
- Press the arrow on the right panel to expand/collapse it - this can give you more space for the layers panel
- When renaming a layer, the text is preselected so you can start typing straight away
- Better image layer performance


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Version 6 Jul 15, 2020

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